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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 16, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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developments in the questions involving city council leader's residency. what he says he'll do if wrongdoing is proven. >> hello, everyone. we begin with an arrest in the case of a missing baltimore teenager more than a year after it broke. >> michelle was reported missing in 2009. today, baltimore county police made an arrest. john sherman is there with tonight's big story. >> baltimore county police are still looking for 16-year-old rochelle battle's body but they do believe they've found her killer. this is a picture of 16-year-old rochelle battle and this is where she lived on gorman avenue in northwest baltimore city. she's been missing since march, 2009, and police now believe she was murdered. >> we have made an arrest in the rochelle battle case. this is a disteerns case of a
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16-year-old who went missing from baltimore city. >> 35-year-old jason gross has been arrested and charge. they believe he came into contact with her on an m.t.a. bus in baltimore avenue. >> we believe she got on an m.t.a. bus on eastern avenue in baltimore county. this occurred march of last year. >> not long after rochelle went missing in 2009 this trash facility became the farget of an intensive search, they were looking for her body. >> we have not -- we were not able to find her body at that time. since that time, the detectives have developed a lot of information and were able to present that to the state's attorney's office who presented it to a grand jury. the grand jury handed down an indictment for first degree murder. >> police and prosecutors believe they have found justice
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for rochelle but the location of her body remains unknown. >> we're still hoping to find rochelle's body at some point. >> we asked the battle family for their thoughts tonight at this obviously horrific time, they declined to comment. >> a developing story following up our i-team reports about the house co-own did city council president jack young. he says he'll repay a special loan made to his sister if the city solicitor finds he improperly benefit. the house on central avenue was paid for using a federally funded loan to young's sister. it appears to require her to live in the house until 2011 and prohibit a transfer or sale but three weeks after she settled on the house, jack young's name was added to the deed and in 2005 a spokesman for young said she moved out and he moved. in the city solicitor's review is to be completed next week.
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the 11 news i-team will continue to pursue this story, we'll bring you breaking developments as they happen but in the meantime, you can see the previous stories we've done by logging on to >> tonight a fire remains under invest after a 67-year-old woman was founded dead. crews were called to springwater court this morning to find flames shooting out of a bedroom of an apartment in the complex. once they made it inside they found the body of audrey randall. they're trying to figure out how she died and if faulty smoke detectors played a role. >> we make sure the smoke and water and alarm cities are functioning properly. >> she was a state employee and volunteer in her community. >> $6,000 is the amount offered by the humane society to to find
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out who beat a dog. amazingly, the dog is healing and should be put up for adoption soon. the reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons involved. >> a 47-year-old pennsylvania caregiver entered a guilty plea for leaving three se verily disabled men locked in a car in frederick for upwards of an hour. two men were blind, one had down syndrome, each had the functional age of about 2 years old. brian fleming faces up to two months in jail. he admits making a mistake but says the men were not in danger. >> things are back to normal in south baltimore but not before a frightening sight on the drawbridge. a tanker truck ended up propped up over the side of the bridge in curtis bay. police say the bridge is under construction and lane closures were in effect when the official
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crash happened, though they're not saying if that construction or lane closured played a role in the accident. a rough start ott day in baltimore county. a school bus apparently sideswiped by an s.u.v. on sulfur spring road, luckily none of the student nor the driver of the s.u.v. were hurt. police are working to figure out what caused the crash. >> you probably heard by now, the weather hovering over
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>> this is what the holdup looks
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like, volcanic ash from an eruption in southern iceland, ash that can jam airplane engines. >> it really does take just a little piece of anything to ruin a jet engine. i was in the navy for four years on an aircraft carrier we always used to walk the deck to make sure all the little pieces of anything, because if something is sucked up into a jet engine, it's gone. >> for the second time in a month a volcanic eruption in iceland sent ash several mile into the air. wind pushed the plume into europe. gerry sandusky is on vacation in vienna and says it's creating a nightmare. >> you can't get a train ticket. the train stations are clogged with people. the lines are long, there's confusion, people are -- everybody is trying to get to another part of europe so they can get to an airport that maybe they can get a flight out. so it's like playing
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three-dimensional chess in "star trek." >> travel agencies are feeling it too. one had to scrub a booking of 16 people for london. one of those 16 people was the company president. do you consider it devastating? >> yes. we're losing money and we're losing commission and we don't know if clients will rebook. >> they have another group waiting to travel to italy. >> we had reservations, so we're fine but they've taken all their conference rooms and canceled their conferences and they've carved up conference rooms into camping areas. >> according to the international air transport association, the volcanic ash disruption in europe is costing the industry $200 million a day. at
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remaining states with the tuition freeze but now it will be forced to lift it. it's board of regents was prepared to vote on the increase, got an earful from students. >> we asked questions, we probed. >> here's what numbers look like
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at the university of maryland college park where students can expect a 3% tuition hike. right now they're paying $6,566 a year. with $197 increase, the new tuition will be $6,763. >> it is my duty to remind you of the crushing debt this places on the student body. >> it's the rising cost of technology fee. at college park it's up 90.8%, going from $131 to $250 a year, a $119 increase. >> it's important to realize we have student here's on the committee and it does work, in fact, quite well. maybe not perfectly all the time. >> but in the end there there was little doubt fees and tuitions were on the way up. >> nobody is happy. but i would call the question and i recommend it. >> those in favor of the motion say aye.
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>> nobody on the board is happy about that. really, our hands are tied. we have to run the system. i think everybody agrees that we want to main stain the quality and i think we'll be able to do that. >> board didn't vote the way we were hoping. we hoped they would take into consideration the fact that students did not vote on a 90% increase for the technology fee. >> at least one student is already looking ahead to 2011 when there's concern that tuition could go up even more. these new increases add up to $39 million or 3.3% over this current year. to see the tuition rates and fees from across the state, log on to and click on education. of- >> as we count down to post time we learn more about what's new at preakness this year. organizers held a party to celebrate the 135th running of the preakness stakes and they
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gave partygoers a preview of infield celebrations. >> we have the mud club. you can buy for $20, in addition to your infield admitance, a mug that you can drink beer all day and also enjoy live music from o.a.r., zack brown band, mr. green jeans and jason michael carroll. >> and for another hour you can purchase preakness tickets at a discounted rate. the preakness is scheduled for saturday, may 15. >> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tassle mire. >> big thunderstorms rolled through the area in the heat of the afternoon, knocked down some trees here. this is north, in the phoenix area, where heavy downpours split some tree branches and did some damage, not a whole lot of reports of damage but you probably had some nasty weather move through your area. we've still got rain to contend
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with, but the storms are no longer nearly as strong. the nighttime hours are sapping a lot of energy out of this. still moderate rain clearing the cecil county-delaware county border, heading twoth delaware river and new jersey. west of there, picking up on decent showers out of pennsylvania that might put parts of northern carroll county and baltimore county, that looks like a pretty good cell there. but overall we're just about done. you can sthee rain ends in western maryland and we actually get into clearing as we head toward early morning on saturday. behind this front will be some cooler air coming in out of the great lakes and parts of ohio. changing temperatures with this front moving through. the numbers today, not a whole lot of rain. i keep checking at the airport, so far still reporting just a trace. that may change in the overnight but that's what they're reporting so far. we've only had a couple hundredths of an inch here so i suppose it's possible but it seems like more rain than that
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in most areas. the tree pollen in the high range again. might come down a little bit. some of the showers could at least temporarily knock some pollen out of the atmosphere. still 70 in downtown baltimore, 72 at cambridge. cooler air starting to inch in from the north and west. 40's in southeast michigan. 30's in northern michigan. temperatures will be below normal through the weekend but as you can see, insta-weather plus futurecast, 8:00 a.m. saturday, the rain is gone. i think we'll at least see some sunshine both saturday and sunday. partly cloudy skies tomorrow, 52 to 57 at sunrise, northwest winds, 10 to 15. temperatures in the low to mid 50's to start the day and not warm up much at all as the strong high pressure cell moves in. it will clear the skies, keep the temperatures in check, maybe chilly enough for some snow showers in the mountains off to the north and west. that's a good sign the air is chilly coming in.
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east of the mountains that will dry things out. that's why we think the showers will be stuck in the mountains and around here, we'll see partly cloudy skies. winds will be a factor, gusting to 25. 57 to 62 for the afternoon high. feeling chilly with strong winds. in the mountains, it will be chilly. rainshowers mixing with snow showers tomorrow night. skies should clear up on sunday. partly cloudy around the bay, down on the lower eastern shore, a gusty wind and a mix of clouds and sun. maybe a lingering shower on the beach in the morning. small craft advisories are up, winds will be gusting up to 25 knots, will be bumpy on the open waters. baywater temperatures 57 degrees. cool for the weekend with some breezy conditions tomorrow, 37 sunday morning, then we start to warm it up again. low to mid 60's monday, tuesday, wednesday. upper 60's with a chance for more isolated thunderstorms toward the end of the week.
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>> what can go wrong, will. the orioles continue to provide examples of that, the latest involving their best hit they are season. that plus an update from oakland coming up next in sports.
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care. a buffalo place to play golf. pga verizon classic, great shots abound. furyk bounces back, he's down to minus 7. vajegas, textbook example how to escape the bunker he, too, needs no putter. 18th hole. charles howell. he's from off this -- charles howe, he's from off the green as well. he doesn't mind -- >> if he could get this to go. >> putter is fine for him. doesn't need the wedge. he too down to minus seven, sharing the lead with james furyk and owen. and the senators, tied at 1-1.
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crosby, yeah. sneaks a stick in to save the goal. impressive. crosby performing some kind of stick handling drill behind the net. can't get a shot. apparently hip no sized -- hypnotized the senator. it's a game-winner. penguins even the series one game apiece. 2-1 tonight. this is a must-see. los angeles-vancouver he surgically places the stick between the visor and helmet of steaden. once you get past the fact that steaden was not injured, this sets in. i don't think we can argue, you're not going to win that battle with the refs. forecast coming up after this.
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>> seven-day forecast, 59, gusty winds tomorrow, partly cloudy skies. a little chilly, after a chilly weekend, temperatures start rebounding next week, mid to upper 60's by the end of the week, maybe a thunderstorm. >> we'll have the rebroadcast of this newscast on midnight at wbal-plus. >> we're not going to do it all over again? just rebroadcast ial11
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